Our Agency promotes the development and professional management of a variety of affordable housing opportunities, facilities and supportive services to nurture neighborhoods, provide economic development and self-sufficiency activities for residents while also assuring equal access to safe, quality housing for low and moderate income families throughout the community.
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GHA Intern for the WGHC COVID-19 grant and ECU student Jamori Mobley prepares for Adopt-a-Street event by loading his backpack with PPE kits to handout

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Greenville Housing Authority Family Self-Sufficiency Program. Click here for more information.

Free - Virtual One-on-One Homeownership Counseling - Click here for more information

Free Cancer Screenings:
Thursday, March 25 from 1 - 4:30 p.m.
Tuesday, April 20 from 1 - 4:30 p.m.

Project Safe Shelter - click here for more information.

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During these times of COVID-19, accessing your credit is important. That's why Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion are now offering free weekly online reports through April 2021.
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FREE After School Program for K-12th Grade, 3-5pm at the Cultural & Recreation Center. Click here to view the flyer!

The purpose of the Housing Choice Voucher Program is very similar to the Section 8 Existing (Certificate) Program. The Program offers expanded opportunities for rental assistance to very low income families in privately owned housing units in the City of Greenville.
Public Housing was established to provide decent and safe rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly and persons with disabilities. Public Housing comes in all sizes and types, from scattered single family houses to high rise apartments for elderly families.
Our Mission
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The mission of the Housing Authority of the City of Greenville is to be a leader for affordable housing in the City of Greenville by serving as a housing safety net, promoting individual self-sufficiency, leveraging core housing competency to support HACG’s mission, managing real estate and facilitating and participating in mixed income housing development.


The HACG is committed to providing quality lease and for-sale housing opportunities by educating, training and assisting families to become self sufficient. Additionally, we strive to support and empower individuals and families, promote independence through recognition of personal responsibility, encourage healthy behaviors while reducing social problems, provide services of value to taxpayers and strengthen the quality of life of residents of HACG and Housing Choice Voucher Program through workforce development and a network of supportive services.

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