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Emergency Maintenance

Due to the COVID Pandemic, we are working under our emergency protocol.

Only emergency work orders will be addressed at this time.

We will attempt to complete all non-emergency work orders within 30 days. All other work orders will be prioritized according to the maintenance plan.

Emergency work orders include:

  • Any situation that may cause injury or threat to a person or property
  • CO detector alarming
  • Elevator out of order
  • Exposed electrical line
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Gas leak
  • Heat not working - applies if the temp is 40 or below, or any reasonable accommodation
  • Lock Out
  • No water in the entire unit
  • Power outage in entire unit
  • Roof leak - major
  • Security issue where door or window on 1st or 2nd floor will not lock
  • Smoke Detector alarming