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Housing Choice Vouchers


The purpose of the Housing Choice Voucher Program is very similar to the Section 8 Existing (Certificate) Program. The program offers expanded opportunities for rental assistance to very low-income families in privately owned housing units in the City of Greenville.

The difference between the Section 8 Existing Housing Program and the Housing Choice Voucher is flexibility. For example, families have a broader range of housing and neighborhoods from which to choose. They may choose units with rent higher than allowed under the Section 8 Existing Program, but they will receive no additional financial assistance to live in these higher-priced units. Also, the applicant may select a unit that is larger than normally allowed for that family to live. Further details on the program and regulations will be explained at the time the applicant's name reaches the top of the waiting list. For more information, please contact a staff person for the Housing Choice Voucher Program at 252.329.4008.

Section 8 New Construction University Towers
This program operates similarly to the conventional Housing Program. The difference is that this building is for the elderly only. Applications are taken in a similar manner as other programs. The applicant is placed on a waiting list according to the date and time of application. The current waiting time is 24-30 months. Final eligibility is determined immediately prior to the assignment of an apartment. Occupants are either elderly, single, or married with no dependents.

The Site Manager for University Towers is LaChele Coggins. For more information, please contact LaChele at 252.329.4022 or by email.